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Christina’s Story

Since I was a kid, I have always been active.  In high school, my activities, however, were hampered by hip and back pain which started my journey in understanding the way the body moves.  I have been leading movement classes since 2001.

My own body and its injuries over the years have created my passion for alignment, healthy feet, and proper core strength.  After the birth of my twins in 2011, I learned about my own diastasis recti which altered how I moved and taught classes. 

Not only did high school start my journey with movement but it also started my journey of marriage and love.  My senior yearbook voted that Michael Mroz and I were the most likely to get married.  After dating through high school, college, a shocking break-up, and a difficult reconciliation, that is exactly what we did—we got married!


One of the most pivotal aspects of our relationship was pre-marital mentoring/counseling. We always said that at some point, we would invest in marriages just like the couple who invested in our future marriage.  Michael & I believe that time is NOW!  While I am the voice of marriage on my blog and on social media, it is really the voice of both of us as we strive to inspire thriving marriages.  We lived for years in a marriage that was just surviving and we want to help a couple move from surviving to thriving!

Michael & I can be found dating each other weekly as we inspire thriving marriages and raise our 4 children.

Certifications & Education:

ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor

Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist with Nutritious Movement

Revelation Wellness Group Fitness Instructor

The Institute of Life Coach – Foundational Christian Coaches Course

Certified Biblical Counsel through Biblical Counseling Center

Living Metta – Cupping Workshop (4 hours)

Thomas Meyers – Anatomy Train Abdominal Dissection & Fascial Release Technique

Functional Release Workshop

MovNat Fundations On-line Course


Intimacy & Movement (How are they related?)

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Interested in working one-on-one?  Interested in having Christina speak at your retreat or conference?  Drop her a message below and she will get back to you shortly.